Scorched Earth: A creator-owned four-part series set during the Second World War. Co-created with Steve White.

Homesick: Scriptwriter, with art by Martin Stiff (The Absence). [Appearing in CLiNT Magazine #2.7]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010-2013): Scriptwriter.

Shaun the Sheep (2008): Scriptwriter.

Wallace & Gromit (2007): Scriptwriter.


Things We Lost In The Fire

Black Cross

Harry Potter & The Munter’s Hairy Wheel: A disturbing and profane extension of the Harry Potter series that is completely and utterly unpublishable. For Hayley Campbell.


ALIEN: THE ILLUSTRATED STORY (ORIGINAL ART EDITION) (2012): Interview with artist Walt Simonson.

RAT PACK: GUNS, GUTS & GLORY (2012): Interview with writer Pat Mills.

MAJOR EAZY: HEART OF IRON (2012): Interview with writer Alan Hebden.

500 ESSENTIAL CULT MOVIES (Ilex Press, 2010): With Steve White and Jen Eiss.

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