Comic Review: Aliens #1 (Dark Horse)

Funny looking through these old reviews. Prometheus came out to a mixed reception (I actually like it, so stfu) and this series was buried pretty quickly. Perhaps relying on a writer from twenty years previously wasn’t a great move. 

Aliens #1 (Dark Horse)
Written by John Arcudi
Art by Zach Howard & Mark Irwin

This time it’s war. Again…

With the recent announcement that Ridley Scott is to return (on production duties) to the franchise he kick-started back in 1979 and the 30th anniversary of the film’s release this year, there appears to be no abatement of hunger for a new Alien film. Dark Horse Comics have also returned to their own past glories, relaunching a sparkly new Aliens series penned by Mask and B.P.R.D. scribe John Arcudi.

The deceptively short first issue is not as predictable as you may think, but has clearly
been written with an overall story arc in mind that detracts from the fun of reading it as
single issues. The aliens themselves appear on only four out of 21 pages as well,
leaving you feeling a bit short-changed.

Characters are introduced only to be savaged or shot to bits, and while some of the best sequences in the Aliens movie were when the marines were being picked off one by one, having this happen suddenly during the first act feels forced and doesn’t allow you to get to know the characters well enough to appreciate them. See The Walking Dead series for the way comics handle great deaths of subsidiary characters.

On a positive note, Zach Howard’s art works really well — it’s clean, modern and energetic. His backgrounds don’t look out of place from the Alien ‘verse and his characters look interesting. Hopefully he’ll be able to stretch his artistic muscles throughout the rest of the story.